The SOA Certified Professional (SOACP®) program from® is dedicated to excellence in service-oriented architecture (SOA), service-orientation, and additional fields associated with service-oriented computing. The SOACP program encompasses formal training and accreditation for IT professionals.

The SOACP curriculum is published here:

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The SOA Education Committee is an independent committee dedicated to the on-going growth and development of the SOACP curriculum and related certifications in support of establishing de facto, industry-standard, and vendor-neutral accreditation for SOA, service-orientation, service-oriented computing, and related service technologies.

The SOA Education Committee warrants that all course materials, delivery mechanisms, and certification exams that comprise the SOACP® program are of the highest industry standard, quality, and value, and maintain a consistent focus providing de facto education and qualification standards that reflect the service-oriented computing industry from a vendor-neutral perspective.

The committee charter is published here:

•  Committee Charter

The SOA Education Committee comprised of members from the academic and commercial communities. Members from the academic community have demonstrated both academic proficiency at a senior level, as well as SOA proficiency related to both course development and delivery. Members from the commercial community each represent a primary organization in the SOA industry. These members have demonstrated practical SOA proficiency, as well as expertise associated with their respective organizationís SOA-related products, technologies, and contributions.

The committee membership is published here:

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In addition to committee policies, regulations, and overall scope and direction, committee members help define and participate in a series of review processes that govern the evolution of SOACP® curriculum materials.

•  Curriculum Review Process

•  Examination Review Process

•  Student Feedback Evaluation Process

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